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The Second Edition of Cigar Bliss is now available!

The first edition sold out in the first year. The second edition has additional illustrations, charts, graphs, and photos.

Think you enjoy smoking cigars now? Just wait till you read this first and only comprehensive manual that explains how to develop your cigar palate and heighten your cigar awareness. This fun-to-read book is chock full of anecdotes, paradoxes, and words of wisdom about how to select and smoke cigars. Nick Cutro, a third-generation cigar aficionado, and cigar equipment designer and manufacturer, details how your foods, drinks, medications, and DNA affects your palate and how you perceive aromas and tastes. What's more, many eureka moments will give you the vocabulary that enables you to identify taste associations and enhance your palate sensitivity. Cigar Bliss will put you in charge of your palate and enrich your cigar smoking enjoyment.

Light up. You're on your way to Cigar Bliss!

Cigar icon Manolo Quesada wrote the Foreword to Cigar Bliss and set the tone for what you will learn. The book includes interviews with many industry icons.

Here are some of their quotes and words of praise:

Manolo Quesada, Cigar Hall of Fame Inductee. "I can't imagine any cigar smoker without a copy of Cigar Bliss."

Litto Gomez, La Flor Dominicana Cigar Hall of Fame Inductee. "Cigar Bliss will become a go-to resource for all cigar smokers from casual to connoisseur who want to gain a better understanding of what they are tasting and why they taste it!"

Eric Newman, JC Newman. "I have been enjoying cigars for 50 years and knew what cigars I liked--but I didn't know why I liked them. I never really understood the flavor analogies cigar magazines used to describe the cigars they rated, until now. Thank you, Nick and Cigar Bliss, for unlocking the mysteries of the cigar's taste nuances and the flavors which enhance my smoking enjoyment. I will never smoke a cigar the same way again."

Jhonys Diaz, STG. "Cigar Bliss is extremely interesting. It explains a systematic and structured way of decoding a cigar's mystery by establishing a profile for a cigar both before and after lighting the cigar."

John Oliva Jr., Oliva Tobacco. "Every industry has its mad scientist and now the cigar industry has theirs."

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