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Cigar Bliss.

Second Edition

Demystifying the Art of Taste!


14 Reasons to Read this Book!

You will . . .

  • Learn how to make accurate taste associations using techniques to calibrate and train your palate to easily identify those associations. 
  • Discover if you are in charge of your palate and if not, how to take charge.
  • Understand the difference between mouth taste, smell [aroma] and flavor. Acquire basic awareness of how the olfactory system commonly known as “palate” works. 
  • Challenge your cigar paradigm and start to question everything you thought you knew about cigar.   
  • Gain accurate knowledge about cigars instead opinions or hearsay.
  • Wonder no more how cigar panel tasters come up with names to describe taste notes: “floral,” “nut meg,” “aged leather,” “fresh hay,” “barnyard,” “dark chocolate,” “nougat,” “marzipan,” “licorice” “white pepper,” “baker’s spice” and even “road tar.”
  • Read excerpts from exclusive interviews with icons in the industry sharing their views regarding taste and developing your palate.
  • Realize why your smoke preferences may be gene deep.
  • Understand what your DNA has to do with the way you clip a cigar, to the way you smoke your cigar and why you are attracted to certain cigar brands and flavor profiles. 
  • Learn a simple, affordable way to test your taste DNA and wonder no more why you like your coffee black with no sugar and your partner can’t drink it without cream and extra sugar.
  • Understand how and why your body’s pH balance and over the counter and prescription medications—can affect how your cigar taste.
  • Realize why, just as “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” a great cigar is in the hand of the smoker in charge of his palate.
  • Have fun as you read a clever book with bite-sized chunks of insight.


So, grab your favorite cigar, light up, and enjoy the journey into one of life’s most elusive pleasures as we Demystify the Art of Taste!  

Cigar Bliss

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  • On the off chance your book arrives damaged, with a material manufacturing defect, contact us via within 14 days of receipt, and we will work with you to secure a replacement copy if necessary.

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