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We appreciate you for visiting our website and your desire to learn about our unique 
ProPalate Training System . . .

We are confident the ProPalate will help you to more fully enjoy all your cigar-smoking experiences. Further, you will quickly improve your general sense of taste and smell! This enhanced skill can start with the next cigar you light up and continue with every cigar thereafter. Discover a lifetime of pleasure with ProPalate


"I received the ProPalate Kit as a Christmas present. I like it very much and enjoyed it a lot. 

The evaluation log is the best tool I have seen to make meaningful notes on cigars I am smoking. 

 I also bought the book "Cigar Bliss" after watching Nick's interview from Studio 21 Podcast Café

 where I learned about these amazing products"


From Arizona


Interviews with icons of the industry and what they are saying about our products.

Manolo Quesada, Lito Gómez, Joselito Domínguez, Jochy Blanco, Jhony Diaz, Jose Mendez, and Eric Newman.





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Nick Cutro 
Creator of ProPalate

The ProPalate kit is a distinctive method designed to help you develop a more sophisticated palate. This new approach will show you how to first detect differences in aroma—a vital aspect of taste—found not only in cigars but in coffees, wine & spirits and foods. Even experts may have difficulty identifying and describing subtleties. ProPalate is designed to assist both the novice and connoisseur to overcome this hurdle by:
• Calibrating sensory perceptions to align with correct aroma standards
• Cultivating/refining the palate in broad categories and in precise aromas
• Confirming “DNA” or “genotype” of taste sensitivity 
Let’s explore each of these in greater detail using the ProPalate kit.


Nick Cutro Interview at the Studio 21 Podcast Cafe

Presented by The Cigar Authority from the Toscano Cigar Sound Stage at Studio 21 Podcast high above Two Guys Smoke Shop in Salem, NH, Interview to Nick Cutro creator of the book Cigar Bliss and the ProPalate System.


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